God Personified

Why is it that the Christian God is supposed to be all-powerful and yet it took him a full 6 days to create the world? Shouldn’t he have been able to do it with a snap of his metaphysical fingers? A real god should be able to think it and it happens. And while we are at it, if God is so all-powerful, why does he have to rest on the seventh day? Humans need rest, not gods.

However, the people who created god could have simply personified nature and if that were the case, than since people do rest, a personified deity might need to rest too. In the ancient world, deities like Zeus lived on Mount Olympus and deities like Odin lived Valhalla. So where does Yahweh live? Heaven. But God’s don’t really need to live anywhere, right? I mean isn’t an all-powerful deity supposed to be everywhere?

As you can see, Yahweh like all the other gods that have come before him are all personifications. Ancient people who couldn’t understand the world used these deities as an attempt to explain the world. They created elaborate stories and gave their deity of choice personalities based on human stories and personalities. That is why God is a jealous God, a vengeful God, a wrathful God, a Just God, etc. These are all human traits. The war in Heaven is based off wars on Earth. God has a son? Humans have sons. God’s live forever and always were and always will be, so how can they give birth to a divine child?

These are ancient stories told to explain what was unexplainable. Now science can explain much of what was unexplainable and so now God is forced to fill the gaps. However, even though science can’t explain everything we should be mature enough as a race to simply say that we don’t know the answers to all the questions without the need to make up answers with stories of divine intrigue. God is no longer even needed to fill the gaps as long as we are mature enough to accept the gaps and curious enough to attempt to fill those gaps through the continued exploration of science and philosophy.

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6 responses to “God Personified

  1. I say again,science loses when it attempts to stand next to God.A”bang”(exsplosion) can not create anything nor was man ever a monkey(at least i was’nt).People try to discredit God because they dont understand God.He is far above our mental capasity,we will never be able to understand Him or put Him in a box.People forever have neglected to acknoledge or have feared what they do’nt understand.The bible says in the beginning there was God,so how can gods Yes God is everywhere He is Omnipresent.Science cant tell you how a baby live in the water in its mothers stomach and not die,but God can.When it comes to explaining natural things science MAY know it all, but when it comes to the ALMIGHTY,science will constantly be at the drawing board.GOD 2 science 0. Game Over.

  2. The Science Pundit


    Not only did you not address a single point of the post, but your comment spotlights your abject ignorance of cosmology, evolution, logic, as well as spelling and punctuation. You did amuse me though; thanks for that.

  3. I agree with the writer of the article to a degree. As children play, they make up games and names for amusement. Their imagination is so tuned that they have conversations with themselves, with toys or playmates…(if adults did this guess where they would end up?)

    I remember a time in which I lived in the house that my grandfather built (about 5-8 years old). During the night, I used to hear a noise in the basement that I thought was a beast, the devil himself living down there. The thing was that during the day, when I was forced to go down there (to get a tool or something from the freezer), nothing was there.

    During the day, when I was safe in the light, didn’t have any fears, and nothing short of a funky basement smell was down there. But sure enough at night, it came back. Now telling my uncle about this, who knew that there was nothing down there and the noise was the furnace at night, I was scared into obedience (If you don’t go to bed/sleep, do good in school, eat your veggies, the monster/devil will get you).

    The impact on me during that time, was to be the best person/christian that there ever was.

    The moral of this story is to show how “science” ( mechanical furnace turning on and off) and Theism can work together. As a child my imagination ran wild because I was trying to make sense out of everything. But as soon as it was finally explained to me that it was the furnace and not a monster/devil imagine how my world changes.

    See the thing is, is that, we needed religion so that there could be science. Religion is irrational thinking (imagination), that is just believe. Well science just takes it one step further and allows proof.
    Many of the negative things that has happened in our lives, many times positive things emerge.

    Biggest example… Earth is the center of the universe.

    (Religion) God made his greatest master-piece, humans in his image and therefore we are the center of the universe. If you believed otherwise, you were either ex-communicated or killed. The point is that because of this extreme issue, It got people (beginning stages of science) to do their own research to see either for themselves or they knew someone of important status that thought otherwise.

    Argue all you want, the point is without one, the other either wouldn’t have existed.

    BTW. the other issue is that we aren’t a race (which implies competition, anger, stress, winners and loosers), if so then who are we competing against? The animals and plants aren’t a race, they are a species. I like to TRY and think of us as Human-KIND.

    Thank you

  4. I’m sorry Rihtwise, but that is one of the stupidest things a fellow atheist has ever said. How does fear of a furnace and religious persecution of science prove that science needs religion? The furnace story certainly doesn’t show that. That story had nothing to do with science at all. Just religious fear. As for the theistic persecution of science, just think of where humanity would be today if people of science and reason weren’t hiding in the shadows or being murdered. The fact is that people have have imagination without dogmatism. I can understand you arguing that science needs imagination, but how the Hell (pardon the term) does science need religion???? You might want to rethink that one.

  5. Randy Holmes

    Personification has been the instrument which mankind has utilized to give “substance” to certain concepts (religious) which are to professing believers otherwise meaningless. God and the devil, by biblical definition, are a spirits, but how does a finite mind wrap itself around such nebulous concepts? Obviously it can’t. So through the apparent innate gift of imagination such non tangible entities are personified and thus given a “place” to reside, an image of representation and the power by which a relationship (pleasant or otherwise) can be forged. Humans are truly fearful of things that they think can bring harm to them if these things can be conceptualize, even if it is an imaginary conceptualization. Science also deals with concepts, but these concepts are evidence based. Granted, science has never proven to be the ultimate mystery solver, but it does attempt to present a truthful look at reality which is often a foreign concept to the faith based believer. Religion would do well to take a few science courses. Maybe then more truthful responses like, “I really just don’t know” would be heard instead of the “God made it that way.”

  6. i think this personification of nature is to enslave people mentally. there cant be a god who resembles all the people in the world i find that very, very hard to believe.

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