The Freethought Society of Greater Philadelphia (FSGP) was founded in 1993 by Margaret Downey. Today, FSGP boasts over 100 members throughout the United States, most of whom are in the Greater Philadelphia area.

What does FSGP advocate?

We advocate reason, rationalism, freethought and humanism. To this end, FSGP provides forums in which freethinkers can gather for informational and educational meetings, and for fun events and social networking with like-minded individuals.

Why Join?

A membership with FSGP is an investment in the nontheist movement. We look forward to continuing to providing educational programs, social events, outreach and advocacy for freethinkers in the Delaware Valley region, but we can’t do it without support from individuals like you.

Monthly Program Meetings

Meetings are held the first Tuesday of every month at 7 PM at the Ludington Library at 5 South Bryn Mawr Avenue, Bryn Mawr, PA. Speakers range from authors to professors; topics vary from media training to educational issues. This forum is also a place to introduce yourself and make new friends. After the meeting a group often goes to a local restaurant to socialize and discuss ideas raised by the speaker.


13 responses to “About

  1. Protestant leaders have been actively political for almost 3 decades, violating the IRS code for non-profit agencies, so they could control all of our lives. They’ve also been sabotaging President Obama since before he even took office. Now those who are responsible for putting the U.S. deep in debt must pay their debts.
    Contact your legislators and the IRS today, and demand that they enforce their own rules, forcing Protestant Churches to pay income tax from January 1981. Email: eoclass@irs.gov , write: IRS EO classification, MC 4910 DAL, 1100 Commerce St., Dallas, TX 75242, fax: 214 413-5415, or fill out form 13909 online if you have specific names.
    To get more eye-opening emails about Protestant Churches and finances, abortion, welfare, capitol punishment, etc. just forward a copy of your email to the IRS/legislators, or name who you called, to: exprotestant@yahoo.com
    For more information go to: http://www.protestantprotest.net

  2. I love your site. Keep it up !

  3. Haven’t read any responses since March, what’s up? where are the members and their friends and families? I dig your mission. But not sure if your even spiritual. there are SOME things that goes beyond all reason and ration.

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  5. Great site. How can we get involved?

  6. I’m interested in joining. I see you meet in Bryn Mawr but how do you join, just show up? Also, perhaps a speaker schedule.

  7. Willard Bolinger

    You need to work on your site to make sure that your group comes up first. It was third on the list. I put The Freethought Society of Greater Philadelphia

  8. Willard Bolinger

    I do not even see a link for people to join your group. No member site either?

  9. i too would like to get info on membership. I attended the Freedon From Religion Foundation convention in Hartford, CT in the beginning of October 2011 and was trying to network with some Philadelphia area folks. A gentleman from Pittsburg suggested I contact Margaret Downey but it looks like she is no longer actively involved in this program.

  10. Your thoughts and opinions help me see the light. Thanks.

  11. I’d like to join , and come to a meeting?

  12. I’ve just produced this controversial book
    What 460 famous thinkers think about religions!
    Comedians, philosophers, priests, scientists, etc
    “Enjoyable, interesting, infuriating and fun!”!
    I would like to let your people know about it. See
    for info on this and my other books.
    I would greatly appreciate your help with this.
    Many thanks
    Mike Newell

  13. charley allan

    I just moved to the North Chesapeake area. I would be interested in attending any meetings or symposia.

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