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Worthy of the Worship

Christians are always telling me that I need to worship their deity of choice. When I ask why, they warn me of eternal punishment and damnation in the fires of Hell. Sometimes, they will entice me into worshipping their deity with promises of eternal bliss in Heaven. But all threats and bribes aside, they still haven’t really answered my question. Why should I worship their god?

Then Christians will often inform me that God created me. That’s great and all, but how does that answer my question? Am I expected to worship my creator or something? My parents created me and while I respect them most of the time, I certainly don’t worship them. Many people have parents who are not even worthy of respect let alone worship. If I someone creates a robot, should he or she demand that the robot worship him or her? That seems awfully vain. In my mind, such a trait would make the person less praiseworthy, not more praiseworthy. Clearly a creation should not be the slave of the created. So even if I were to accept the premise that God existed and created me (which I don’t) that still wouldn’t compel me to worship such a being. We are still left with the question, why should I worship the Christian God?

Next, many Christians I talk to appeal to power. They tell me that their God is all powerful and that is why he should be worshipped. This to me goes back to the threat of Hell and the bribe of Heaven. “God can do anything and is all powerful, you better get in line.” I don’t accept the appeal to power as a reason to worship. Taking this argument to the extreme, if Hitler were all powerful, would that make him praise worthy and more worship worthy? I really don’t think it does and I doubt that anyone would if they really thought about it. This appeal to power is quite honestly insulting.

In fact, the only reason to worship anyone that I could even remotely understand would be based on morality. At this point my Christian friends tend to smile and tell me that their god has that too. He is the very definition of moral goodness they claim. But as someone who has read the Bible, I just don’t see it. One cannot just claim to be moral, one must demonstrate that morality. If God wrote or spiritually inspired the writing of the Bible and if that book is an accurate picture of who God is, than I can’t see myself worshipping that being at all. This is where the excuses and justifications come in. “God doesn’t need to explain his morality to a mere human like me,” “God’s ways are mysterious,” “God is good because he says he is good,” “Without God there is no moral grounding,” etc.

The truth is that I really don’t believe in worshipping anyone, God or otherwise. I worship ideas not personalities. While I might say that I would follow an Aristotelian “person of practical wisdom.” I would stop following such a person the moment they proposed something which I considered to be immoral. I might start following them again when they proposed something more reasonable. Take our current President Barack Obama for example. I respect him and admire him. I think he is a smart person who is trying to do what he can to help people. I’ll follow him on most things, but I will also be critical of him when he refuses to stand up for the rights of gays and lesbians. I am critical of him for reaching out to religious fanatics and hoping that they will support hi even when he doesn’t need their support and will not get their support. So while I admire the President and will follow his lead on many things, I most certainly don’t worship him or follow him blindly.

I can’t think o a single reason why I would possibly worship any god let alone the Christian God. I certainly am not a coward who is afraid of eternal torture in Hell, nor am I a greedy person who would accept the bribe of Heaven. I don’t think the Christian God created me and even if I did, I still don’t see that as any reason to worship such a deity. The awesome all-powerfulness of God doesn’t really concern me since I don’t consider power to be a reason for worship. And the Christian God of the Bible doesn’t seem very moral to me either. So my question still stands, why should I worship the Christian God?

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Billboard Wars

Probably since the concept of billboards came about to advertise products, Tax exempt Christians organizations and Churches have paid to advertise God… as if an all powerful creator of the universe needed advertising. Isn’t he God, can’t he stop the sun from moving across the sky or something? In any case, while some of those Christian billboards have been along the lines of “come to our church and pay us money” type advertising, most are of the vain of “You are going to be tortured for all eternity unless you give us money,” type.

Over the last few years, atheist organizations have been trying to raise money to put up some billboards of our own which are designed to make people think critically about religion and to reach out to atheists who don’t know that atheist organizations actually exist. Our billboards have had such messages as, “Don’t believe in God? You are not alone,” “Beware of Dogma,” “Imagine no religion,” “Is belief in God necessary? Let’s be good for goodness sake,” and “There’s probably no God. Now stop worrying and enjoy life.” And every time one of our less than eternally damning billboards goes up there is always controversy. In fact, now Christian organizations have been using this competitive billboard war as a way of suckering more money from their faithful believers.

The thing is that we have toned our billboards down because we want to be defensible to the public. But many of these Christian groups don’t care about defensibility. So now we need to work together. I need your help. I would like to compile photos of the worst Christian billboards you can find. So if you are in a more religiously brainwashed area of the country or the world and you see a Christian billboard, snap a photo and e-mail it to me at DangerousTalk@gmail.com. Let me know where this billboard was found (city and state) and so next time one of our billboards is challenged by Bill O’Reily or Father Morris, we will be able to give them a little comparison… not that it will matter to them. But it will matter to the general public who we are trying to reach.

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