Atheist Day

Apparently, there is a movement to make this Friday (tomorrow) “Atheist Day.” I am not entirely sure if this is to be an annual atheist day or just a one time event. Nor am I should I really want an “Atheist Day.” To me everyday is an atheist day. It isn’t as if I believe in deities for 364 days and than take a day to doubt.

In any case, part of the “Atheist Day” celebration calls for the greater atheist community to make our presence known online by displaying the Scarlet A as a profile picture on all social networking websites like MySpace, Facebook, and Twitter. This I think is a good thing and something worthy of mass participation.

It is not that I think people will choose to reject belief in God because they see large numbers of atheists out of the metaphorical pew, but I do think that there are many Christians out there who quietly doubt or even outright disbelieve in their deity of choice but are afraid to make such doubts and disbeliefs public. This is understandable because atheism is still a minority and still faces major discrimination. But the more people make it know that they do indeed have doubts or disbeliefs about ridiculous bronze aged deities, the more others will be willing to reveal themselves as fellow freethinkers, skeptics, doubters, and disbelievers.

So tomorrow, please take part in this “Atheist Day” by making this image or images like this your profile image on all your favorite social networking websites. Let people know that you lack belief in ridiculous deities. Come out, come out, come out, and be free.

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